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Coffee Guatemala Huehuetenango La Libertad 250 g whole bean white

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SKU: 1010225
Brief description Maple, orange, milk chocolate and fruit notes.
Acidity 3
Bitterness 2
Strength 3
Aroma 3
Cooking method Pour boiling water in a cup; In Turk; In a coffee machine; In a geyser coffee maker
Country of grain origin Гватемала
Composition 100% Арабика
Roasting medium
Без кофеина No
Packing color (white/black)
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Huehuetenango is one of Guatemala's three non-volcanic regions, and the highest and driest of the three cultivated, making it one of the best for coffee production. Hot air flows up from the Tehuantepec plains in Oaxaca, Mexico, and mixes with cool air descending from the Cuchumatanes Mountains, creating a frost-free microclimate that allows coffee to be grown at altitudes up to 2,000 metres. The extreme remoteness of Huehuetenango requires almost all producers to process their own coffee. Fortunately, the region is full of rivers and streams, making it relatively easy for producers to set up mills. The geographical conditions of Huehuetenango help to create exceptional coffees with distinct acidity and fruity aromas.

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