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Coffee El Salvador SHG ESP 250 g whole bean white

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SKU: 1010161
Brief description Cocoa, carmalised sugar and caramel
Acidity 2
Bitterness 3
Strength 4
Aroma 3
Cooking method Pour boiling water in a cup; In Turk; In a coffee machine; In a geyser coffee maker
Country of grain origin Сальвадор
Composition 100% Арабика
Roasting medium
Без кофеина No
Packing color (white/black)
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Coffee from El Salvador is of a fairly high quality, characterised by a delicate, subtle taste with a pronounced acidity. This coffee has a very light and delicate aroma, less pronounced than other Arabica varieties. SHG ESP immediately captivates with its richness, it has a sufficient density and fascinates with a spicy, slightly smoky aftertaste.

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